Leafly Strain of the Year 2021

Dosidos is Leafly Strain of the Year for 2021. This OG Kush varietal's pungency, potency, and looks had our hearts—and yours—thumping to the beat.

Every day is a good strain day on Leafly IG 

Every day is a good strain day on Leafly IG

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Relaxation unlocked

Data domination

Powerhouse parents

A potent buzz sedates your brain and trickles down into your body

Cracked elite top ten of most searched strains on Leafly

Glittering bright, aromatic lovechild of Kush and Cookies

People on Leafly have favorited and reviewed Dosidos a combined 20,000+ times. Knocking on the door of five stars with that much attention is not a fluke—those are champion stats.

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Global proliferation

The very first crown

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Dosidos flaunts the best of modern cultivars: Bright pistils, glittering trichomes, lime and lavender leaves. 

And it’s listed on 3000+ dispensary menus across the USA.

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Tasting Dosidos with Smoke DZA aka The Kush God

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